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volunteering in northern Spain: Miranda FloyMy name is Miranda Floy, and I’d like to share with you the story of the amazing weekend I spent last year volunteering in northern Spain with English Getaway.
I grew up near London and have lived there for over twenty years. I studied drama at university and then worked as an actor, performing in theatres all over the UK and in Europe, devising new work, workshopping new writing and delivering workshops to young people and adults. Later, I did an MA in writing and am currently working on a novel.

In 2016 I decided I’d had enough of London, so I gave up my office job and my flat to write and travel full time. I spent 7 months travelling all around Spain because I think it’s a such a beautiful country.


Volunteering in northern Spain


In spring 2017 I spent a wonderful weekend as a volunteer on the 3-day immersion programme. Everyone was so friendly, it was great fun and the setting was truly magical.


Volunteering in northern Spain


Not only were the people lovely to work with and the hotel a blissful place to stay, but I really enjoyed the experience of helping and encouraging others with their language skills. As someone who has been trying to learn Spanish and struggled with my confidence, I have huge sympathy for anyone who is learning a language. These immersion courses provide a safe and nurturing environment and are a really valuable experience for all involved.

Volunteering in northern Spain

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