A Palace where only English is spoken


Inmersión en Inglés en un Palacio

We will begin using a new location for our upcoming 6-Day English Immersion Programs. We opted for the incredible Palacio de Rubianes hotel surrounded by mountains and indigenous forests, where one has the sensation of traveling back in time. It is the result of the careful restoration of a sixteenth century Asturian palace of unique architecture, converted into a modern and charming hotel full of original spaces laid out by the Bilbao designer Fernando Castellón.

Curso intensivo de Inmersión en Inglés en Palacio de Rubianes

Located at the foot of the mythical Sueve mountain range and within a privileged valley where silence is king, this hotel is the perfect place to disconnect from reality and, for a few days, take the plunge into linguistic immersion, where the participants will experience the feeling of being abroad as they will speak and hear only English.

The formula is simple; the Spanish participants will live together with an equal number of native English speakers from different countries, and we will take care of everything else!

75 hours of practice, many of them being “one-to-ones”, but also group activities and professional practice as well as daily social hours. It is a unique experience, not only for the learning involved but also for the unforgettable bonds and friendships that are formed and for the continuous contact with nature, something that differentiates English Getaway.

Programas de Inmersio¦ün Lingu¦êi¦üstica en Asturias - 1000x300

The hotel is surrounded by walking routes that the participants can traverse during their “one-to-ones” and during the week, guided walks will be organized with a native English-speaking biologist where we can also learn about some of the fauna and flora of the area.

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