Family Hiking in English


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Last Sunday we went for a walk with a family that was eager to practice English. The weather was doubtful, but we took a chance and it was worth it.

This time we chose a trail through the Montegrande Beech forest that leads to the Xiblu waterfall, which came highly recommended and was perfectly prepared for children.

The two English speakers of the family were Chus and Sira, mother and daughter.

Chus is an English teacher in a rural school near Aviles and she is so motivated with her English that she has spoken English to Sira since she was three years old. Now she is five and it is incredible to hear her speak … she uses expressions that probably a native English speaker her age would not know and her pronunciation is simply perfect. Her mother says it’s because of the cartoons, that she has watched in English since she was little.

Someone may think it’s a little strange that mother and daughter communicate in a different language than their mother tongue, that the relationship can not be equal, but the complicity between Chus and Sira was quite palpable … They sang, played charades, they laughed together … it was wonderful to see them interact.


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Another example of how English immersion, in this case at home, can give us incredible results and make us feel so comfortable with the language that we can be ourselves, express our own ideas and even come to think in English.

In addition, the fact that Chus really enjoys speaking in English and she is able to transmit this feeling so well to her daughter, makes Sira see how much fun it is and see that she is always accompanied in the learning process. It is like a game for her.

Congratulations Chus! I hope I can do it as well as you with my own son Ethan, who is almost two years old and is supposed to someday be bilingual, but we’ll see … for now with “mamá”, “papá” and his large repertoire of sounds he has enough tools to make himself understood.

Whatever happens, I hope that my son is lucky enough to have teachers with as much dedication as you, which is what all parents would hope for.

Thank you for being so sweet, Sira, and for making us laugh the whole way. See you soon!


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