What kind of activities are included?

Our programs include a variety of dynamic activities to keep you entertained. They are all organized for you by our friendly staff, who will guide you through the daily schedule so you can relax and fully enjoy the experience.


One to one
In these 50-minute conversations you will have a chance to speak about anything and everything with the different Spaniards on the program as you take a walk outside, lounge around the hotel or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. You’ll be surprised at the amazing diversity of topics that come up!

Discussion groupsIn this activity, we will provide you with engaging conversational topics that you will be able to discuss in groups. With our diverse group of native speakers and Spaniards, you will surely be exposed to a range new ideas and opinions.

Group activities
We will lead a variety of entertaining activities designed to emphasize the small group dynamic so that you can work hand-in-hand with both Spaniards and volunteers to accomplish a common goal.

Variety hour
At the end of the day it’s time to relax and laugh at a hilarious theater sketch, learn an entertaining song or dance, or enjoy some interesting presentations from our volunteers as your fellow participants and the activity leader keep you entertained. As a volunteer, you will have a chance to present any topic of your choice, including a unique interest or hobby, a musical talent, tell a joke or simply share anything that makes you smile.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
During breakfast, lunch and dinner the volunteers share a table with our Spanish students and the conversation continues.

Free Time
During your free time, you can go for a stroll, socialize, play sports or even take a nap, it’s completely up to you…

Games and social time
If you still have energy after dinner, stay a little longer and join in a game, have a drink, or simply enjoy the after dinner social hours.


Conference Calls
With the help of our volunteers, we recreate the scene of a business conference call in which three or four students participate from various locations. Volunteers can use our conference call role plays or can even feel free to offer up one of their own ideas.

Telephone sessions
We give you a list of different phone-call scenarios in which each pair of volunteer-Spaniard will have a chance to choose a role play and act it out over the phone.