English Getaway is a language immersion experience where we offer our Spanish participants the opportunity to improve their English by living side by side with native speakers from all over the world in a 100% English speaking community. Within this environment, they have the chance to meet people from various English speaking countries and to submerge themselves in the richness of the language through stimulating activities and engaging conversation with our unique mix of volunteers.

You will expose the students to the “real”, unfiltered English that is not taught in language academies or schools. This is why there is no need for our volunteers to be English teachers. You just need to come and speak your own unique form of raw, unfiltered English!

At English Getaway, we combine two concepts: Learn and Relax. On one hand, our students learn through conversation and living in a 100% English environment, but on the other hand, we help to facilitate the learning process by creating a comfortable environment where everybody (students and volunteers alike) can relax, forget about their everyday worries and focus on their main goal of improving their English. This is your Getaway… where you can get away from it all and enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience while gaining the satisfaction of helping others to improve their English



Zach is a U.S. citizen with a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. He began his teaching career at Arkansas State University giving biology classes to undergraduate students. In 2007 he moved to Spain and has since been working as an English teacher in schools and academies. In addition, he also has extensive experience as a director and activity leader in English immersion programs for both adults and teenagers.


Paula has a versatile portfolio, including a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and many years of Dramatic Arts Studies. She completed much of her education in the UK, acquiring an advanced level of English. Since 2009 she has been working in English immersion programs for adults and teenagers, primarily as a program director.